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Yuengling's Success Story

AdAge has a headline that reads: D.G. Yuengling & Son Becomes America's Largest Brewer. Of course, once you get into the meat of the article you see that it's technically true because all the major beer conglomerates have now all been acquired by even bigger foreign conglomerates, not because of some ridiculous growth trend in Central Pennsylvania.
(from stevegarfield on Flickr)
Still, I was struck by this quote:
Yuengling's growth -- which was fueled by a huge launch in Ohio last year -- is remarkable considering that the overall beer industry remains in a funk. Total beer shipments fell by 1.4%, according to Beer Marketer's Insights, continuing a multi-year slump.I don't find Yuengling's growth especially remarkable at all, and unless you're only judging the company from it's income statement and balance sheet, I think many people who enjoy anything other than light beer feel similarly.

Yuengling has a unique market position. When you go into a bar, …

On Income and Wealth

True or False: a household whose income is $160,000 is "wealthy" or "rich"?
I asked this simple question on Twitter earlier in the month and it sparked a small debate. Some people said true, others said false, a few said the issue is way too complicated for 140-characters, which is probably right.
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$160,000 is what I'd estimate was the household income of my former 4-person group house in Arlington. We lived comfortably enough, always had money for the rent and the bills with a little left over at the end of the month, but I don't think any of us ever necessarily felt financially rich.
With all the Occupy rhetoric about the 1% and what it means to be wealthy, a lot of nuance has been lost. On paper, a person like me would seem to be doing pretty well, if the only data point you look at is my household income. But that ignores the fact that my cost-of-living is very high, that I have (student) debts, that only a fraction of my hous…