A few weekends ago I got a change to bike the stretch of abandoned Pennsylvania Turnpike just east of Breezewood. The ride itself wasn't especially scenic, as much of the area is being taken back by nature. The two abandoned tunnels worth seeing, at least once, though I don't know if they're worth revisiting again.

(from tracktwentynine on Flickr)

What's really sobering is the roadway itself, which in many places is crumbling, even though no vehicles have driven on it in decades. People hate road construction because it causes delays and disruptions, but it's foolish to take for granted that road infrastructure will always exist in a usable form. This stuff is expensive to build, and it's expensive to maintain. If we don't, it will crumble right before our eyes.


    On June 08, 2011 austin said...

    Check this out. A road intended to relink communities cut off after flooding from a TVA project. It has a couple hundred yard tunnel in the middle of the Smokey Mountains. I and a friend stumbled upon this a few summers ago.