Political Game Playing

I feel embarrassed by my congress. I'm not angry, I'm seriously embarrassed. Like, this is the best we can do? These are the best people to put in charge of running the legislature? The recent round of government shutdown talks is especially sad. It's clear that both sides are maneuvering so that they can blame each other for the mess. Whoever the Gallup Poll finds that Americans place blame on will be the official loser in this contest.

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The debate over spending cuts is especially egregious. Of course it's a noble goal for a country with a deficit problem to talk about solving it. Except the discussion isn't really about solving it - it's about slashing and burning government programs that are politically motivated.

Republicans want to de-fund NPR, but they don't want to withdraw any military operations. They want to strip money away from Planned Parenthood, but they're fine with tax cuts for the rich. They want to fight over cutting spending on relatively marginal programs while ignoring the ones that are truly driving the problem.

It's mind boggling how lock-step our elected leaders walked in approving every piece of defense spending and tax cut that the former president put on the table. And now that we've spent ourselves into a massive hole, they want to cut everything except the biggest programs that got us to where we are.


    On April 07, 2011 Wade said...

    Isn't that like being embarrassed that a cat has fur? If they were normal, decent people they'd never get into politics! I always wondered why we didn't just have a draft or something, anybody that WANTS a political office probably has something wrong with them anyhow.