Bad Sandwich

When I was a kid, I used to get Subway sandwiches once every week. Maybe my memory is clouded because I was so young, but I remember Subway being so much better back then... back when the only bread options were white, wheat or rye; back when there were no toasted subs or salads and you could choose between mustard or mayo, not a half-dozen combinations of each.

(from JaBB on Flickr)

These days, I usually pack my lunch, because leaving the office to go buy lunch everyday gets really expensive really fast. But occasionally I'm not able to pack, for one reason or another; and if I want a lunch that's less than $6, my options tend to be limited.

Often, I opt for Subway, and I always walk in thinking it will be OK, then feel disappointed when I finish my sub. Even when I order it loaded with peppers and mustard and pickles, it still tastes incredibly bland. Half the time the bread seems stale, which amazes me, since they supposedly bake the bread right in the store.

Maybe I'm just going to a bad franchise. Perhaps there are some Subways that are consistently good. I honestly don't know. But I would be curious to know if others remember Subway being better 15 years ago than it is now, or whether it's all just my imagination.


    On April 05, 2011 lemur said...

    I only started going to Subway about seven years ago, but I definitely remember that it used to be better than it is now.

    On April 06, 2011 Anonymous said...

    Safeway sandwiches are better and totally agree.


    I agree 100% it was much better way back when. I vaguely remember them cutting the bread differently. Maybe that was it?

    On April 06, 2011 Matt' said...

    When I was a kid, the thing I loved most about Subway was the wallpaper. The NYC Subway-themed wallpaper.

    On April 07, 2011 Wade said...

    I remember them as being better also, and remember how they used to cut the bread at an angle so the stuff didn't fall out? I think that's what Cassie is talking about. And I thought it tasted bland lately, but assumed that was just me!

    On April 11, 2011 John said...

    It's just your imagination.

    On May 29, 2012 Anonymous said...

    They are definitely not as good as they use to be. To me the meats don't seem to be of the same quality, and the bread does seem stale. I am convinced they use lesser quality ingredients.


    Subway definitely used to be better. The bread was cut in a triangular shape as mentioned and the ingredients seemed fresher and of higher quality. I'm eating at Subway as I type this and while it isn't bad I distinctly remember it being better.