Winter Bike

It's probably premature to post this in the middle of February, but I wanted to touch on a topic that I've visited in the past - winter bicycling. Last winter I did it in Cleveland, this year in DC.

(from twicepix on Flickr)

I think the most interesting thing I can say about winter biking in these two cities is that, even though there is a lot more snow in Cleveland, it's actually harder to bike around DC in the winter when it does snow.

In DC, it takes longer for snow to get cleared (if it gets cleared at all). On many streets with bike lanes, snow gets piled in what's usually the parking lane, and cars go ahead and park in the bike lane. From my experience, trails become virtually useless until the snow and ice on them melts away, and sidewalks on key bridges don't get the treatment that they probably deserve.

One thing that's similar in both places is that salt really takes a toll on your bike. Despite my best effort, I'll be buying at least a new chain come spring.