Political Scare Tactics

I don't write about national politics here much anymore, but I've been seeing a theme on Facebook and Twitter that I just couldn't ignore. House Republicans want some pretty significant budget cuts, some of which are pretty enormous. If they get their way, all government funding to NPR and PBS would be gone; Americorps would be eliminated entirely.

(from jcolman on Flickr)

Frankly, it doesn't seem likely that Americorps or public broadcasting funding will be gone next year, but it does seem like a good tactic to divert attention from some of the other cuts that Republicans actually want.

People will 'like' Save NPR pages on Facebook, and they'll fill out petitions and contact their congressperson to save Americorps. At the end of the day, it will look like a small victory when these programs are removed from the list of budget cuts. Meanwhile, while everyone's still distracted, plenty of smaller, but nevertheless important government programs will get slashed.

Is it good politics? Well... I can't really deny that it is.


    Agreed entirely. The cuts to science, R&D, and education in particular are quite disturbing.

    Not to mention the lack of cuts to military.