The Perfect Narrative

Last weekend I watched King of Kong on Netflix. I rated it 5 out of 5 - something I do only about once out of every 50 movies I see.

The rest of this post contains a few spoilers, so if this is a movie you're interested in seeing, and I would recommend it, this is the place to stop reading.

King of Kong is a documentary on one of the most arbitrary topics you can imagine. And yet, it's one of the most entertaining and enjoyable documentaries that I've seen. I honestly believe it's because the story basically wrote itself. You can't ask for better protagonists and antagonists than Billy Mitchel and Steve Wiebe.

Seriously, on the one-hand, you've got the perfect underdog. The guy who just lost his job, who's been disappointed with so much in his life. He's the guy who really just wants to prove to himself that he can be the best at something.

In the other corner is a guy who's pretty full of himself and relentless about maintaining his 'winner' status. He comes across as a bad sport, the guy you desperately want to root against, and when he wins anyway, you feel crushed.

The best thing about King of Kong is that it proves that no story is undeserving of being told, but that it has to be told well. It also shows that when someone makes a bad or a boring documentary, passing it off as being just a boring story isn't a legitimate excuse.