On Gourmet Burgers

We Love DC has a nice rundown of the many gourmet burger restaurants that exist around the Washington area. As I was reading through the post, I realized that I've only been to two of the places on the list - Five Guys and the Good Stuff Eatery - despite the fact that I really like hamburgers.

(from EricRi on Flickr)

A hamburger is one of the few foods that I really believe I can cook well, on my own, on the backyard grill. I'm often willing to pay for a good meal at a restaurant, but moreso when it's food that I can't easily make by myself. There's a sushi premium, because it's really hard to make good sushi at home; that's not so much the case when it comes to burgers.

I also think there's a ceiling to how good a burger can really be. When I ate at Michael Symon's burger joint, B-Spot, I thought they served very good burgers. I also thought it would be one of the less respectable items on the menu at one of his other restaurants. When you start loading up a burger with fancy cheeses and obscure toppings, how much of what you're eating is the burger itself, versus everything else?

Many of the places that make We Love DC's post are restaurants that I'd like to check out, if for no other reason than to see if there really is a burger that can blow me away.


    On February 02, 2011 austin said...

    I Good Stuff the place we hit last year?

    I remember it being excellent. Five Guys, on the other hand, didn't seem worth the price.


    Austin - yes, Good Stuff was one of the places we went last winter.