Music Mashup

I've gotten a chance to listen to Girl Talk's new album All Day a few times since I downloaded it last week. I'm really enjoying it and I think it's his best album yet. It has a very good mix of songs from different genres and time periods, as oppose to his last album, Feed The Animals, which seems to rely a lot more heavily on rap and hip-hop songs.

(from Kmeron on Flickr)

There's something about mashups that really appeals to me. Even though I probably wouldn't care to put 95% of the songs that Girl Talk samples onto my iPod in their original form, I get a lot of enjoyment out of hearing them in the remixed format.

Anyway, the new album is available to download at no-cost. I highly recommend giving it giving it a listen. If you haven't listed to a Girl Talk album before, it's a good one to start with. If you have, it's even better than a lot of the stuff that he's produced in the past.


    I was just discussing with a friend earlier about the ethical grey area of illegally downloading Girl Talk's music. He doesn't get permission for his mixes, so..?