Fast Food

I haven't eaten McDonald's in a long time. I'm pretty sure the last time I ate McDonald's was at a rest stop somewhere in rural Pennsylvania last winter. Here's the thing about fast food... I definitely appreciate that it's cheap and convenient, even if not particularly healthy. The reason I avoid the big fast food giants is because I simply don't like their food.

There is, of course, on exception: Chipotle.

(from Mr. T in DC on Flickr)

Consider this... McDonalds and Wendy's serve burgers and fries, two items which I happen to be pretty good at making at home on the grill in the back yard. Subway makes sandwiches, and there are dozens of sandwich shops that make a better product. Domino's and Papa Johns are alright once in a while, but there are so many better places to get a pizza pie. In most instances, whatever food the fast-food giants specialize in, there's another place nearby that serves much tastier grub.

Chipotle is unique, in this sense. Their burritos are incredibly difficult to copy and make well at home, and most knock-offs can't do justice to the quality of the food they serve.

So what would it take to get me to eat McDonald's more than once a year? It would take food that's better than anything else that's available. And that's definitely not going to happen.


    And, you can't keep all those different, fresh ingredients on hand without a bunch of it going to waste.


    That plate doesn't even looks like it was served by a fastfood=)


    Here here! When I'm in DC I go to the one near DuPont Circle. We don't have any up here yet unfortunately.

    But doesn't McDonald's own 'em?


    No, McDonalds fully divested its interest in Chipotle in 2006.