For the past two years I've been pretty consistent about publishing here at Extraordinary Observations. With an average of 5 posts per week, I've done my best to keep this a fairly lively place. I don't plan to cut back on blogging, but it is likely that you'll see less content here.

This week I joined the Washington Post's All Opinions are Local team. You can expect to see about one original article over there each week. And for folks who may be more old-fashioned, I'm told the pieces occasionally make their way into WaPo's print edition.

(from Flickr user dionhinchcliffe)

I've also been hoping to do a little more serious writing for Greater Greater Washington. My start over there has been slow, mostly because I wanted to get more acclimated to DC rather than jumping in head-first. Yesterday I had a post over at GGW about the parking situation at a soon-to-be-opened Trader Joe's store in Arlington.

So... what changes can you expect to see here? I'll probably have more light-hearted pieces an fewer serious posts. I'll probably also have a little less DC-centric content and more 'geographically independent' stuff. Other than that, I more or less expect things to stay about the same.



    Fortunately, I ducked in time to miss the zing. Still heard it whirr past my ear, though.