A Few Short Films

Over the past week and a half I got to check out a few dozen short films at the DC Shorts Film Festival. This was my third film fest since moving to DC (the first being AFI's Silverdocs and the second being the Bicycle Film Fest).

(from Flickr user M.V. Jantzen)

Overall I thought the event was well done. Some of the short films were definitely better than others. Though one great thing about shorts is that, if you don't like any film in particular, it's only a few minutes before it's over and the next one begins.

I get the feeling that this is an event spearheaded by creative types. What it lacks is good organization and management, which is where I see room for improvement.

Most notably, the ticketing is pretty awful. I got my tickets online through Eventbrite. After I made the initial purchase, it said my tickets would be emailed to me at a date closer to the show. About a week before opening day, I got an email with my tickets. One of them was for the wrong screening. Fortunately, this issue was resolved quickly. I printed out my tickets and set them aside for later.

But then when I arrived at the theater, ticket in hand, they actually weren't taking the paper tickets. Instead, they had to cross everyone's name off of a list. So what was the point of the tickets at all? This happened at two of the three screenings I attended.

I was a little surprised by the shorts that were picked for the "Best of" showcases. My taste in films typically lines-up pretty closely with the award-winners at these festivals; but in this case, I hadn't voted for any of the award-winners from the showcases I attended. Perhaps my taste in shorts is different than my taste in full-length films?