Standing in a Line

When I rode past 33rd Street and saw the now infamous line at Georgetown Cupcake last weekend, I laughed out loud at the people waiting for their cupcakes. The Washington Post has video of some people who don't find it quite so funny.

Having sampled some of these cupcakes (purchased for me by someone else, so I didn't stand in line), I can honestly say that I wouldn't spend my own hard-earned money on these things with any regularity; let alone stand in an Disneyworld-style line and then spend my money on them. But hey, cupcakes are sugary and sweet and they look fancy and pretty. I can see why people like them.

At the same time, there now seems to be an abundance of cupcakeries in Washington DC, most of which don't need a crowd-control person watching the door. Ask a local about cupcakes and many will probably say that Georgetown Cupcake is overrated and give you directions to their favorite place.

Part of me wants to believe that people are standing in this line because they are trying to manufacture a worthwhile memory. They want to go home and brag to their family and friends that they stood in line for an hour just to buy a cupcake. It's actually a pretty good conversation starter, since it's so ridiculous and silly.


    Something that has happened since you left Cleveland is that the gyro place at the West Side Market (Steve's Gyros? Bob's Gyros? Something like that...) has appeared on "Man vs. Food" on FoodTV, and thus has an enormous line all day on Saturday's now. Did something similar happen with this cupcake place?


    B.P., as far as I understand, Georgetown Cupcake has its own television show. I have never seen it.