Sharing Car Sharing

A friend of the blog recently presented me with an interesting idea. What if two or more ZipCar members could share a single ZipCar reservation?

(from Flickr user M.V. Jantzen)

Imagine a scenario like this: three roommates want to make a big shopping trip to Target or Costco or anywhere, really. They plan to borrow a ZipCar to get there and to haul all of their new stuff back home. Under the current arrangement, one of them would make the reservation, drive the car, and get billed for the time. What if, instead, they could all jointly sign onto the reservation, and the billing would be split into thirds and charged to each member?

It’s more than just a question of billing. Having joint reservations would mean that any of the ZipCar members could drive the car, not just the single person who made the reservation. This might not be particularly valuable for short trips to the store, but for longer Zip Trips, where switching drivers every once in a while would be a welcome change of pace, this might actually make some sense.

I can see this being one of those features that only few members ever use, but that those few who do really appreciate. As far as the feasibility of establishing a system like this, I honestly have no idea.


    You can already let any zipcar member use the car on your trip. faq link
    (there's no billing sharing though.)


    Thanks for the tip, Dan - looks like that issue is already taken care of!