Making Dessert

Last weekend was my roommate's birthday, so I went ahead and made a plate of cupcakes for her. In fact, I only made half of the number of cupcakes I could have made from the mix I bought.

I don't do a lot of baking, or cooking of any kind for that matter, so I was surprised when I went to the supermarket buy the items to make the cupcakes and realized how cheap it all costs.

I made cupcakes, but the same box of cake mix could have made an entire cake. Besides the mix I also needed oil, eggs, water and frosting. Here's how the cost breaks down:

Cake Mix: $0.89
Frosting: $1.27
1 Cup Water: Virtually nothing
Three Eggs: $0.75
1/3 Cup Oil: $0.30

Total cost: $3.21. And again, this is for a whole cake. How many healthy meals are out there that can be made for this little money? If you need any more proof of how screwed up the public health priorities are in this country, look no further than this.


    On May 04, 2010 LKBM said...

    'How many healthy meals are out there that can be made for this little money?'

    Countless. I live in a student co-op and we cook for 20-30 people on a budget of around $30 a meal. Having this many people means we have an economy of scale, but for $60 we could buy non-bulk organic foods from the regular grocery store.

    I'm in Austin, Tx. I'm sure food is more expensive in some places (my price data says eggs were $0.12 each by the dozen here in 2008), but if you have time to cook and are willing to use mostly cheap items (potatoes, beans, rice, pasta), you'll find food is surprisingly cheap.