I don't tell many personal stories here at Extraordinary Observations, but I felt like this one deserved attention. In a few weeks, Angels and Airwaves (one of my favorite bands) is playing a concert in Cleveland at the Tower City Amphitheater (or whatever the corporate-sponsored name the venue is called these days) . After work on Monday I took a walk over to the House of Blues to buy my ticket. I walked away empty handed.

(from Flickr user halofive)

The interaction went something like this:
Me: Hi. I'd like a ticket to Angels and Airwaves at Tower City.
Box Office Guy: Oh, sorry, we don't sell tickets to other Live Nation venues here anymore.
Me: Say what? Where can I buy a ticket?
Box Office Guy: Ticketmaster online.
Me: Is that my only option?
Box Office Guy: Pretty much, yes.
So I went online to buy my ticket. The face value is $20. The Ticketmaster fee is $9. That's a 45% premium, for those playing along at home. Like I wrote previously, this is exactly the reason why people hate despise Ticketmaster.

Of course, the U.S. government allowed Live Nation and Ticketmaster to merge into one giant evil corporation racket this year. Does the DOJ know that these shenanigans are happening? For as much as people talk about which industries treat their customers the worst, I don't think it's cell phone carriers or cable TV providers, I think it's the concert industry.


    Since this show is at the Amphitheater, I highly recommend going down to Canal Road just above the venue and throwing a musical tailgate party. Not only can you see the band across the valley, but it sounds perfect too.

    I did this for Incubus last summer, and Robert Plant the year before. If the weather's nice, it's a perfect night out.