I've made a few administrative changes here at Extraordinary Observations that I thought everyone might be interested in knowing about.

Comments - all comments will now reviewed before appearing. I was hoping I wouldn't have to do this, but unfortunately, while I was out of town last month some anonymous commenter(s) ran amok with obnoxious comments and ruined it for everyone. Sorry!

Template - Last week the template which I had been using here for years went berserk. Rather than dig through the CSS and attempt to fix the problem, I installed a brand new template (if you're an RSS subscriber, click-through to come check it out). I like it. It's very simple like the old one, but it also feels a little more "fresh". You'll also notice that I have a new headline image. The four pictures represent a few of the most important topics here. First, the skyscrapers represent all of the urban topics. The subway train represents my writing on public transit and transportation in general. The coffee cup stands for all of the miscellaneous observations (in addition to being my favorite drink from my favorite local business). Lastly, the U.S. Capitol dome is for everything here that is politically related.

Blogroll - I did have a blogroll for most of this blog's life, but Blogger (for whatever reason) nuked my blogroll three times last year, so I decided not to deal with it anymore. I've also been rethinking the effectiveness of blogrolls, and I'm not convinced they play the same role they once did. It now seems that most of them link to the same "brand-name" blogs with only a few smaller players mixed in. In that sense, it's no longer a good way to discover new material in the blogosphere as it's a way for the author to say "yeah, I read the big guys".

Home Button - several non-RSS readers have been bugging me about why they couldn't click back to the blog's home page easily. The new template corrects this problem. My apologies for the delay in getting that fixed.

Around the Web - Although most of my blogging appears here, I do occasionally blog elsewhere around the web. You can check out my delicious page for a list of posts and subscribe here to make sure you don't miss any future content! I've also included a link at the top of the page, so you never miss out on anything.