Median Bike Lanes

This video from Streetsfilms highlights one of the many things that makes me really wish I lived in New York City.

Seeing this really makes me believe that if it can be done in the most densely populated place in America, it can be done just about anywhere with the right leadership and vision.

Where I live, there are a lot of boulevards with grass or tree-lined medians. Some of them have two lanes of traffic, others allow parked cars in the right lane, effectively leaving one lane to traffic. You can bike on these streets, but you're typically in the "door zone" of the right lane if you choose to do so.

It seems like one approach would be to utilize the median, either by shrinking it and adding bike lanes or paving over the grass and putting two bike lanes in there. The wide traffic lanes could be shrunk to encourage slower driving without sacrificing the number of lanes.

I think biggest challenge is convincing the public that adding the infrastructure won't hard motorists. Utilizing unused medians could be an easy way to make the case.