Do You Like Hot Dogs?

I'm not much of a hard science kind of guy, so I didn't love the chemistry class I had to take in college; but we did do one lab that was pretty interesting - we measured the amount of fat in potato chips and hot dogs by simulating the digestive process and then separating the fats from the proteins and other elements in the foods. It was pretty disgusting, in fairness.

I'm pretty confident that most people know that hot dogs and potato chips are among the most unhealthy foods available, but it took doing that chemistry lab for my classmates to say things like "I'm never eating hot dogs again".

I'm pretty sure they were eating hot dogs again within the week...

I also really like this episode of How It's Made on the Discovery Channel.

Whenever I ask people if they've seen this clip, they usually say, "no, and I don't want to see it - I'll probably never want to eat hot dogs again."

To some extent, I think this logic is valid. In general, we simply have no idea what goes into our food. That's not good. But once we do know? What effect does that have?

Having done the chemistry lab mentioned above and having watched the How It's Made clip many times, I still eat hot dogs regularly. But I don't eat mushrooms. What's the difference? When I was a kid I ate some bad mushrooms and threw up, now I'm conditioned to hate them.

It's kind of strange the way that works, actually... as long as we can eat something without becoming immediately ill, we will continue eating it, sometimes even when we consciously know it is for us. But if we have even one bad experience with a food, we avoid that food for a very long period of time.