Running the City

Since I was off on Monday and there wasn't much on TV, I tuned into the Today Show for the first time in many years. There was, nevertheless, one story that caught my attention.

As touristy as it is, I really do appreciate a good guided tour when visiting a new city. My favorite tours are definitely the guided bike tours that a lot of cities have now, since they are able to cover a good distance in a short period of time and because they usually let you keep the rental bike for the rest of the day. The one problem that I have is that these things are often more expensive than I can afford. 25 or 30 bucks for an hour-long tour seems pricey to me; and according to the Today Show's piece, these running tours cost 72 dollars for an eight mile run. Yikes.


    On September 08, 2009 Anonymous said...

    Off 'N Running Tours in Los Angeles created the concept of running tours in 1994. We have been taking people out on runs through Beverly Hills, Los Angeles, Santa Monica and Venice Beach.

    We have themed running tours, that are more fun these days. Our themed tours range from $35 - $60. The distances are no longer than 4.5 miles. They include a technical tee shirt and other giveaways.

    We do have a running club that meets on Saturday mornings. Since we have been creating running tours of LA and Beverly Hills for 15 years we have a wide variety of courses.

    If you want to drop in to our running club, you can generally catch a 6 - 10 mile run with the local runners. The drop in cost is $25. It is a great deal. For $10 more you can get a technical tee.

    Please visit our website. Next time you are in Southern California give us a call.