NPR on Bike Commuting

I love this story that All Things Considered aired last week.

I've become an amateur bike commuter since moving to a less "car-dependent" part of town. I have to be honest though.. it can be depressing pedaling the 8 miles to work at 7am on a weekday morning and not seeing any other cyclists on the road. I ride a few year old mountain bike with hybrid tires. I can't ride particularly fast and I don't own a single piece of spandex. I am by no means a pro.

My honest opinion is that bicycle commuting is really not that difficult. I've heard people give every excuse in the book for not doing it, but there is one that I rarely hear, "I tried it for a week and it just wasn't for me." I don't think its because everyone who gives it a shot falls in love with it - I think its because so few people, at least around here, actually try.


    A fair amount of people bike from the West Side. Four people passed me last week when I was going over the Detroit-Superior Bridge.


    I want to believe if I was riding later in the morning I would see more people. I pass through both Case and CSU in the morning and both campuses are dead at that hour. I imagine few people sign up for classes before 9am if possible.