I Love TED!

No, TED is not a person... TED is an annual conference held in California, who defines its mission as "ideas worth spreading". Basically, TED is a gathering of the smartest people in the world to discuss ideas about the world. Until about two years ago, the conference was only open to those who were lucky enough to be on the invite list and who had several thousand dollars to pay in membership fees. The fact that it took TED as long as it did to make its talks available to the public is somewhat mind boggling to me, as these are the talks that can truly change the world.

Nevertheless, now hundreds of talks are available on TED.com, with new ones added weekly; they cover just about every topic in the book, from poverty to music to business. My video iPod is loaded with dozens of TED talks, and so far I have to say there hasn't been a single one that has disappointed. With as much ignorance as there is in the world; with corporate media making it more difficult than ever to stay informed; and with American lifestyle making it unfortunately difficult for people to find time to read books, TED comes to the rescue. I have been watching these talks on the bus on my way to and from work - I can't imagine any better use of my time.

It may seem odd that anyone would want to watch lectures for entertainment, especially given all the terrible college professors and their lectures that could put a caffeine lightweight on ten cups of coffee to sleep; but if you think about that one professor who really dazzled the class, who's lectures you looked forward to every week... that is every speaker on TED. Check it out, if you have any intellectual curiosity I have a feeling you won't be disappointed.