Here is something that makes me sad... I came across the Associated Press produced graph today, which shows that Hummer sales were stronger this year than they were at the turn of the century (the fact that sales are down significantly from their peak should be consoling, but it really isn't).

In other "whats wrong with America" news, some Hummer drivers seem to be under the impression that Iran attacks would force down energy prices. It turns out that they are dead wrong. Researchers are saying that Iran strikes could lead to destabilization in the region (specifically Qatar) and push oil prices to approximately $300 per barrel. As absurd as that might seem now, consider this: oil has increased about 475% since the beginning of the Iraq war; at this point, the idea that a second war could push prices up an additional 110% really doesn't seem too crazy at all.


    On July 06, 2008 Austin Ashwill said...

    Rob, that graph represents Freedom on the rise and you are just going to have to deal with it.