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If Detroit didn't already have enough problems... now one of the most popular high tech companies is rumored to be jumping into the business. Well, not really; but there is a lot of chatter online that Apple is going to team up with Volkswagen to offer a hip-looking compact car themed to Apple's line of iProducts and featuring lots of cool Apple gadgets.

Personally, I would love to see this happen and I'd like to see these cars run on diesel (or at least have the option for it). Despite the chatter about hybrids, fuel cells, electric cars and the like, diesel engines are the cheapest and most reliable of all the technologies. In Germany, over 50% of all cars on the roads are diesels; and it makes sense since the environmental regulations are so high. Diesel has a terrible reputation in the United States that needs to be changed - if anyone can do that, Apple can. Not that I can afford to buy new cars right now; but if I was, something like this would probably go to the top …

No Revolution Necessary

A few days ago Barbara Ehrenreich, the author of Nickel & Dimed and Bait & Switch, wrote an extremely interesting article detailing how the proletariat in America has managed to severely cripple capitalism, without throwing a single punch. A lot of what has happened over the past few weeks have been things I've been harping about for years, and up until recently, I've been wondering how I could have been so dead wrong on these issues. But before I go there, here is a recap of how the revolution occurred.

A few years ago Mr. Alan Greenspan decided it would be a good idea to cut the federal funds rate to a measly 1% (historic lows). This prompted an era of cheap credit and a housing boom! In the state of the union addresses in the early 2000s, George Bush made proud references to the record number of Americans who owned homes; unforuntately, they didn't actually own much of anything, the banks had a lot of control over their assets. Fast forward to the present, inter…