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Water Power

No I’m not talking about damming rivers to produce electricity. In the home of Big Oil, Houston, TX, a man claims to have invented a technology that will cripple the oil and gas industry forever. Sound too good to be true?

Granted, I’m not chemist, but as far as I know, the process of electrolysis is nothing new; but like any other renewable energy source, the amount of energy needed to produce the fuel is so large it makes the whole thing impractical. Has Mr. Klein invented a new technology or super efficient way of doing electrolysis? I wish I could believe Mr. Klein has discovered a clean, renewable way of producing energy. Of course, with everything else that seems to good to be true… it probably is.

War on Christmas

Christmas is a time for family, friends, and me to write about how much i dislike the concept of gift-giving. I do it every year... but it has always the same mumbo jumbo about commercializing a Christian holiday and so forth. So this year I decided to change things a bit. I got my inspiration for the blog from an article that Johnathan Chait wrote in The New Republic. I'm sure all of you free market lovers will appreciate this rare step away from my traditional socialist blogs. So without further ado... I declare what Bill O'Reiley likes to call "War on Christmas."

Gift giving is economically inefficient. The concept of gift giving brings our society back to the primitive system of bartering. Of course, we did away with that economic system long ago because it’s so stupid! Can you imaging trying to buy something under the barter system? I’ll trade you my donkey if you fix my roof… yeah right. The problem lies in the fact that for a barter system to work there always…

Up in Smoke

25% of the population smokes… and they sure are pissed off about the new Smoke Free Ohio legislation. As a result they are throwing around all kinds of arguments trying to convince us that the smoking ban will ruin our lives and our wonderful state.

I’m not buying it.

The common argument is that the smoking ban will devastate local businesses. Sports bars and bowling alleys will have to board up their windows and move to Pennsylvania where smoking is still allowed. The way they spin it makes it sound like smokers are the only people in the whole state who go out and eat/drink/bowl. Keep in mind that 75% of us don’t smoke, and more than 50% of us don’t want to inhale it. Is it not possible that non-smokers will be more willing to visit these places now that they are smoke free? I know I will certainly be more likely to eat at a Buffalo Wild Wings or Dennys now that these places have clean air. Smokers aren’t the only people who these places do business with.

Additionally, overwhelming emp…

Save the Internet

While watching Home Alone on TBS this weekend I saw the following anti-net-neutrality commercial air a couple of times.

Did anyone catch the small print at the end of the advertisement? The National Cable and Telecommunications Association (NCTA) produced this commercial; I’ll get to the significance of that in a minute.

So what is net-neutrality? Right now, the user decides what is on the internet. If I want to run a search on Google, I use Google; if I want to run a search on Yahoo; I use Yahoo. The ability I have to choose is thanks to net-neutrality. So why is the NCTA concerned? Keep in mind that this is the same lobbying group that wants you to buy cable packages rather than individual channels and wants to ban VOIP services like Vonage and Skype… Getting rid of net-neutrality is a scheme by “the multi-billion dollar cable and telecom companies” to take away your freedom to surf freely on the internet.

How can they possibly do this you ask? Consider the following hypothetical scena…

It's Satire Stupid

In September the Tonight Show with Jay Lenno did a spoof interview with Bill Clinton. I'll admit, the interview is pretty funny and anyone watching it on the Tonight Show knew the nature of the show and that it was obviously a fake. I became concerned when I saw the clip on Special Report with Brit Hume. Has Fox News become so desperate to make liberals look bad that they're running satire pieces on a their popular primetime news program? As if TV news in America wasn't already bad enough...

War on Blogs

The following is an open letter to John McCain regarding legislation he recently introduced which would force bloggers to censor material posted on their blogs or face criminal penalties.

Dear Senator McCain,

I am disturbed by the language of the Stop the Online Exploitation of Our Children Act of 2006, which you recently introduced in the Senate. Certainly I support protecting children from predators on the Internet; but your bill takes an entirely incorrect approach to the situation. According to your bill, I must watch the comments posted on my blog like a hawk, and if I don’t report illegal videos or photos posted by my readers I would have to pay a fine of up to $300,000… And if a sex offender signs up to post comments on my website I must delete his account… And if one of my readers posts a link to a website associated with a sex offender I must delete the post and his account. I ask why I am being held to a higher standard than Time Warner, my internet service provider, who must …

Convenient Consumption

Most of us are accustomed to buying Pepsi or potato chips from a vending machine. Sometimes vending machines have useful products like laundry detergent and batteries; but whatever the machine is selling, it’s usually something you can get for less than five bucks. This weekend on a trip to the University of Kentucky, I made an interesting find in the lobby of the student center: an iPod vending machine. Yes, that’s right, an iPod vending machine.

You can buy everything from a 1 GB shuffle to a 60 GB video. Plus, you can pick up extra accessories like headphones, plastic cases and portable travel speakers right at the machine. You can pay with cash or any major credit/debit card. Once you make your selection on the computerized touch screen, the machine dispenses your item similarly to the modern Coker and Pepsi machines.

Its amazing that the iPod has become such a norm in society that it’s now something we are willing to “pick up” from a vending machine in a lobby. Why does everyone h…