George W. Bush doesn't believe in global warming... But whats interesting is the approach to environmental issues that big oil has taken. Less than a month ago I saw a commercial for BP which touted their movement toward more environmentally fuel. According to the advertisement, BP already sells low-sulfer gasoline in over 40 American cities, which releases fewer harmful chemicals into the atmosphere when burned. In fact, BP's own website contains the quotes: "There is evidence that the earth’s temperature is rising" and "There is an emerging consensus that climate change is, at least in part, linked to the production and consumption of carbon based fuels." BP even has a multiple-part report on global warming and how they plan to address it.

In recent weeks shadier companies like Exxon Mobile, ConocoPhillips, and Kerr-McGee have launched their own advertising campaigns bragging about their contributions to reducing global warming. But what is the impact of all of these claims of more environmentally friendly oil? With gasoline prices around here hovering near $2 a gallon and with more and more Americans realizing that global warming is real, oil companies are going to have to start covering their assess if they want to do business as well as they have been. Now, people can go to the pump and spend $40 filling up the SUV with the good, warm feeling deep down that at least they won't be emmitting as much sulfer into the atmosphere.

The new advertising campaigns these companies have launched are pretty slick from a business standpoint, but sadly, it'll only exacerbate the problems of global warming. While reducing sulfer from gasoline might look like a good first step in the goal to eliminate harmful emissions into the atmosphere, its only encouraging people to burn more and more fuel. Renewable energy needs to gain support and momentum, and it will only do that once people get fed-up with the current oil industry and want something better. If they're convinced that there isn't a problem or that the problem is being taken care of, then it will be impossible to increase the momentum.