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Who Needs Kids?

In a children's care facility, about 40 miles southeast of Cleveland, the lives of about 130 kids are in jeopardy. They live in a place licenced by the state of Ohio as an Immediate Care Facility for the Mentally Retarded. Their lives are different than most of us could ever imagine, many of them require round the clock attention from medical staff and recieve all of their food through a tube attached through their stomach (sounds familiar doesn't it?). Many of them were brought in by family members who, although having loved their children very much, couldn't handle the burden of having a disabled child to constantly care for. Despite their condition, all of these children can laugh, smile, cry and feel emotion.

And our Governor, Bob Taft, wants to eliminate funding to the facility. Medical professionals unanimously agree that without the ICF/MR clinic many of the children will die. It is amazing, that in this "culture of life" that Republicans have been promotin…