De Facto Racism

A company recently decided to discontinue public transportation service to its office; I don't know what the official reason is, but the unwritten reason is simply disappointing. I can understand a company wanting its employees to have a strong work ethic, to abide by uniform rules, work well with co-workers, etc. But it seems as though this time they are taking an approach that obviously discriminates against a certain group of people.

Statistically, it is true that African Americans make up the majority of public transportation riders in this area, and are less likely to be able to afford to drive or own cars than the average white person. I'm witness to the fact that there are plenty of hard working people that ride public transportation every day, myself being one of them. Unfortunately for these people, unless they start driving, they're not going to have the same opportunities they used to have. In a perfect world, a company would hire or not hire based on how good of a worker a person is, regardless of whether they drive, bus, bike, walk, scooter, or whatever to work. But doing this might make them look like they are discriminating and would probably piss of quite a few people and the ACLU... De Jure racism = bad.

So I guess sometimes people have to look outside of the box and they've definately done that. By eliminating the most common form of transportation used by a certain group of people, you can eliminate those people. I personally feel uneasy because I have ridden public transportation everyday for the past 4 years of my life, and without it would have missed out on some of best opportunities I've ever had.