Pro Life Kiss of Death

The Terri Schiavo drama has fired up just about everyone in the country, from religious conservatives, to federalism proponents, to marital rights advocates, and the political implications have been huge. One thing, however, is for certain: Terri Schiavo's case paints the perfect picture of how the Bush's as well as other congressional pro-lifers really do care about their cause. Listening to banter a few months ago about how people were voting for George Bush because he would end abortion made me laugh because of the track record Republicans have had when it comes to those types of issues, and the most recent front page headlines fall right in line.

The litigation and legislation surrounding the
Terri Schiavo case has been a no-win situation for either Democrats or Republicans. Former states rightists have pushed for federal jurisdiction to cover the case and gone against popular opinion of America. Sure they've shored up support with the religious conservative base... but who cares? Religious conservatives weren't thinking of blocking pro-Wade judges from the supreme court, and isn't the centerpiece of the Pro-life movement to end legal abortion? The GOP's obsession with the Terri Schiavo debacle has done nothing more than created more hurdles to jump overe in the ultimate goal to overturn Roe.

Not only did they lose the battle, but they proved that they really aren't especially worried about it either. Jeb Bush practically gave up the battle a few days ago, ironically, he'll never win back support from religious conservatives, and consequently his chances of winning a Republican primary have pretty much disappeared. Additionally, by creating so much political clout Republicans have made it that much harder to push for the judges necessary to overturn Roe v. Wade... but then again, maybe thats what they want? Consider in 3 years: abortion will still be legal and extreme right wingers will visit churches and blame "those damn democrats and moderates" for blocking the judges needed to overturn the case.

Who's the real winner? Pro-lifers haven't seen anything accomplished but will still buy into the propaganda and vote for the "pro-life" candidates again. The whole situation makes me sick. Not only do Republicans go against the things their supports fight for, but they manage to take credit for being pro-life anyway. I guess on the bright side this whole situation makes it harder for Bush to attract moderates to vote for ridiculous bills like Social Security reform, and it allows me to breathe as sigh of relief when thinking about the theocratic justices he wants to appoint to the Supreme Court. Its too bad the way this whole situation played out though... nobody really wins.