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Do Theocracies Fight Wars Too?

With Bush finally admitting that US and Iraqi forces aren't ready to handle the election planned for January, with American deaths skyrocketing, and with Rumsfeld looking like a bigger clown than ever before, perhaps its time to start asking what price we're really paying for this war. Democratizing Iraq seems to be the final straw and the reason why the people who are somehow able to dismiss the fact that there are no WMDs or Al-Quaida ties in Iraq still are able to justify our intervention. "Sure," they say, "the Iraqi people hated being exploited by Saddam and are going to love being able to govern themselves." Sadly for these people, to make such a statement is to ignore the 7000 year history of Iraq. Remember when everyone thought the Iraq war would be easy? "Sure," they said, "they'll love us when we go in and overthrow Saddam; they'll probably pick flowers and make us look like the biggest heroes in world history." If only…