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Whats the Matter with Catholics?

I probably should start this piece of commentary by pointing out that I am myself a Catholic, because I think that Catholic philosophy makes more sense than any other religion. St. Thomas's and other Catholics' proof for God's existance is quite good in my opinion and makes a lot of sense. I also think that Catholics have the best interpretation of the bible, and I agree with just about all of the underlying philosophies at the root of the religion.

The problem, however, is whats on the surface. Over my years its become harder and harder to figure out what the hell is actually going on. You have the pope saying one thing, some crazy archbishops saying something else, wacked out theology teachers preaching stuff that makes you wonder if they want you to stop believing in the religion... and everyone else who has some authority and an opinion.

So who are you supposed to believe?

There are so many variables in the religion that I still can't comprehend. Take for example c…